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Get on the Journey with me

I read lot of books, listen to interviews and watch documentaries and I never get overwhelmed by above.

In fact I feel a void in myself that wants to share my experiences with someone, who may benefit from my content.

I enjoy too.

Listening to Eminem songs and watching Brock Lesnar fights are my antidote to almost every obstacle.

I will do my best to provide you with something of value.

Whatever I learn over to you

I am a business student now and I don’t call myself an expert in any field.

I truly believe whatever I know or will learn in future, is going to be needed by someone.

With this blog its my honest try to present my observations and learnings in concise manner.

Not pushing anyone to read this blog but I am sure if you came on this blog with the perspective of a beginner.

Then you will enjoy my mistakes and try to grow together.

My escape and also a liberation

Last year I made my first blog on wordpress.com (infohulk.wordpress.com) and worked on it for four months.

Then I made another blog Financebread.com, this time a self-hosted and worked on it for 6 months.

I was enjoying it but it was so consuming that my studies started to struggle a bit (poor time- management}.

Let’s be honest.

It takes courage to say that “You’ve failed and start again”.

But this time I don’t have any weight on my shoulder to make some money out of this blog and this is free blog anyway, you know

that the possiblity of me making any money out of it, is almost zero.

And that’s my liberation I was talking about earlier.

This is a new start and a fresh opportunity for both of us.

We are learning together and sharing own’s experiences with each other.

What you can do to support me

If you like this blog or learn something or anything that helped you.

You can drop a comment and DM me on @rishabhnotes on Instagram.

And if you want to go one step further then you can donate some help through help via following ways:-

Please Note – Don’t donate more than Rs100 in any scenario.

I need enough so that I can know, you are listening and my work is been a help to you.


On Instagram I have an account @rishabhnotes, which provides concepts and facts related to business.

Like I told you earlier, I am a BBA student and that is something comes before anything for me.

If you are interested in knowing some business concepts that might help you in solving your life problems or in general.

Then @rishabhnotes is for you.

Mine two pillars

Comment and Comment.

Your feedback is important for me, to improve my work and myself.


And on this blog.

You will have an unfiltered and unedited insider look of my life and my experiences.

I don’t encourage you to share this content but I insist you or in fact, I urge you to comment.

So that it becomes interacting.

And I feel good creating it.

Rishabh Kashyap


Rishabh Kashyap, the author

I am 20 years old and BBA student.

Passed my 12th standard from C.B.S.E. and very HAPPY about it.

Sharing my thoughts with someone who has the audacity to listen to real truth is my hobby.

I am moody but what I say I do and you can count on that.

I wish I could say something nice but in the end, this is who I am.

I wish you very best of luck with your work and your lif…


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